Our weekly showing meetings are set: we’ll see you every Thursday from 4:30p to 7:00p in Kuykendall 210!

Week 1: January 23, 2020 (This week!)
Come and join us in Kuykendall 210 for our first meeting! Today, we’ll introduce our club, tell you what we’re planning to do this semester, and watch the first episodes of the top picks on our semester show nomination poll. Be sure to nominate shows that you’d like to watch here:

Week 2: January 30, 2020
Today, we’ll vote for the top nominations from the semester show nomination poll. We’ll follow the top two shows that make the cut for the rest of the semester!

We’ll also watch our first show-of-the-week picks today! Be sure to nominate something for show-of-the-week here:

And as always, come and check out our Open Game/Showing Meetings every Friday from 3:30p to 7:00p in the UH Manoa iLab! If you are interested in watching anime on Fridays we definitely can– Fridays are open days so it’s just a matter of someone throwing something onto one of the TVs, regardless of if it’s shown on Thursday or not.

We hope to see you there!

Hi all, welcome back to the Spring 2020 semester, and a new decade! We’ll be having a few events this week– here’s an outline of what we’ve got:

This Thursday, we will be having an officer’s meeting which will be open forum (meaning anyone can attend!) 4:00p-7:00p in Campus Center 203E.

Click here to view the notes for the officer meeting.
You can also comment if you have any questions or ideas for us!

The Manoa Academy of Gaming has reservations every Friday from 3:30p-7:00p in the iLab, starting this week! As long as that holds, we will have our open game days there.

We are going to have Thursday anime showings every week as well, but our room reservation is still going through. For now, use this nomination form to let us know what you’d like to watch! Stay tuned for more info on Thursday meetings.

Click here for a calendar view of all of our meetings and events!


WED Dec 11
Open Game Day
UH Manoa iLab, 12:00p-4:30p

Come and join us with the Manoa Academy of Gaming for an open gaming meet!
THU Dec 12
Last 2019 Thursday Showing Meet
Kuykendall 210, 4:30p-7:00p

We’ll be watching the last three episodes of Carole and Tuesday (22, 23, and 24) as well as one final show-of-the-week!


VOTING POLL (To be posted)
FRI Dec 13
Christmas Karaoke Day!
Kuykendall 209, 3:00p-7:00p with Food After

NOTE: This is NOT A POTLUCK as we will be grabbing food after. Please don’t bring anything that you can’t take back.

– Karaoke with Vocaluxe
Click Here to see what songs we have available to sing!

– Instant Ramen Snackbar

– Sack Roulette $10 Gift Exchange
(Rules: All gifts must be roughly $10 in value, no NSFW or inappropriate items.)

– Food After!
(Ahead of time, think of someplace you’d like to eat!)
SAT Dec 14
Michi’s Toybox – Gundam Build Day
Campus Center 309 and 310, 11:00a-4:00p

This week will be a Hype Halloween with FOUR events going on! They are:

  • WED Oct 30: Halloween Horror Game Showcase
    6:00p-10:00p in the UH Manoa iLab
    Come and join in on the Manoa Academy of Gaming’s Horror Game/open session!
  • THUR Oct 31: AMS Halloween Cosplay and Karaoke Potluck Party
    5:00p-9:30p in KUY 210 and 213
    Cosplay Contest (with prizes!) and Mocktails in 210, Karaoke and Clone Hero session in 213. Bring food!
  • FRI Nov 1: Weekly Friday Open Anime/Game Day
    (tentatively 3:00p-7:00p in KUY 209, otherwise KUY 210 and normal time)
  • SAT Nov 2: Heal for Real Overwatch Viewing Party and Blood Drive
    9:00a-3:30p in ART 132
    Those who donate blood will get a free limited edition shirt by Team Liquid and a chance to win a mouse and headset from Corsair!

And the votes are in! Each week we will be watching two episodes each of Ghost Stories (English Dubbed), Carole & Tuesday, and a Show-Of-The-Week!

CLICK HERE to PICK this week’s show-of-the-week!

Don’t see something you wanted to watch? Come back this week to nominate it for next show-of-the-week!

Semester Show Vote Results:

Ghost Stories (DUB)13
Carole & Tuesday9
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba7
Enen no Shouboutai (Fire Force)6
Trinity Seven5
Boku no Hero Academia3
Dr. Stone3
Fruits Basket (2019)3
Kiseijuu (Parasyte)3
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime3
KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!2
Samurai Champloo2
Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?1
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic1
One Punch Man1

If you haven’t already, be sure to submit your nominations for the showings that you want to watch this semester, as well as the Show-Of-The-Week you want to watch on Thursday, September 12! The deadline is TODAY at Midnight! (Thursday at 12:00AM)

Click here to nominate the shows you want to watch this semester!

Click here to pick the show(s)-of-the-week!

Also, we’ll be in the UH iLab at 3:00pm this Friday, September 13th, along with other UH clubs. Come and join us there!

Thursday Voting

We will be voting for 2-3 semester shows this week. The top 20 acceptable showings in the nomination poll will make it to the final voting session this coming Thursday (Sept 12), and the winning shows will be aired weekly every Thursday.

Click here to nominate the shows you want to watch this semester!

We will also be watching the top two shows-of-the-week that were nominated on Thursday Sept. 5. Depending on what you pick, we will watch either 4 episodes of one show or 2 episodes of two shows.

Click here to pick the show(s)-of-the-week!

Friday in the iLab

This Friday will also be our first meeting in the UH Manoa iLab, beginning at 3:00PM! These will be called Extra Curricular Community (ECC) Meetups where we will be able to use the space along with other organizations such as the Manoa Academy of Gamers (MAG) and the Osu! Club at UH Manoa. Come on over and meet our clubs!

Since the iLab will not have open hours this semester, we are working with the iLab to make the ECC a weekly occurrence. Like previous Fridays, we plan to hold the same Fresh Friday activities at ECC Meetups.

Thursday meetings will be from 4:30pm to 7:00pm in Kuykendall 210.
Friday meetings will also be from 4:30pm to 7:00pm weekly but the meeting place may vary between Kuykendall 210 and the iLab. Check the calendar for details!

Thursday Weekly Anime

This semester we will introduce a more dynamic showing format, as an alternative to the previous static pick-a-show-and-watch-it format.

2-3 Semester
Similar to last semester, each Thursday we will watch:
・ 1 ep for a ~12 episode show
・ 2 eps for a ~24 episode show
1 Show-Of-The-WeekThis show is picked each week, and the following week we will watch up to three episodes of that show.

For any show that is ongoing, the club can vote to start following it from the most recent episodes. If people vote to do this for a semester show, we will vote for a new show once it ends. If people vote to do this for the show-of-the-week, we’ll watch the 3-4 most recent episodes at the next meeting.

All planned showings will be posted on the calendar, and you’ll have a week to catch up to what we’re showing in club.

Voting for the first Show-Of-The-Week will happen on Thursday, September 5th, and that show will be aired on Thursday, September 12. Voting for Semester Showings will be on Thursday, September 12.

Fresh Friday Anime and Games

Like last semester, we want our Fresh Fridays to be a place where you can chill and unwind for the weekend. Thus, the showing format for Fridays will still be up for grabs, but we do want to make it a point to show more anime on Fridays. Friday showings can vary from anything between Semester Showings, Show-Of-The-Week, or even Random Pick.

Fridays will also be our Game Days. I will be bringing multi-outlets, as well as the speaker and projector to each meeting for those who want to plug in computers and consoles. On days that we are in the iLab, those with membership to the Manoa Academy of Gamers (MAG) will be able to use the iLab computers.