Join us on Sept. 5 & 6 for our first Fall Meetings!

Join us on Sept. 5 & 6 for our first Fall Meetings!

Thursday meetings will be from 4:30pm to 7:00pm in Kuykendall 210.
Friday meetings will also be from 4:30pm to 7:00pm weekly but the meeting place may vary between Kuykendall 210 and the iLab. Check the calendar for details!

Thursday Weekly Anime

This semester we will introduce a more dynamic showing format, as an alternative to the previous static pick-a-show-and-watch-it format.

⋆ 2-3 Semester
Similar to last semester, each Thursday we will watch:
・ 1 ep for a ~12 episode show
・ 2 eps for a ~24 episode show
⋆ 1 Show-Of-The-WeekThis show is picked each week, and the following week we will watch up to three episodes of that show.

For any show that is ongoing, the club can vote to start following it from the most recent episodes. If people vote to do this for a semester show, we will vote for a new show once it ends. If people vote to do this for the show-of-the-week, we’ll watch the 3-4 most recent episodes at the next meeting.

All planned showings will be posted on the calendar, and you’ll have a week to catch up to what we’re showing in club.

Voting for the first Show-Of-The-Week will happen on Thursday, September 5th, and that show will be aired on Thursday, September 12. Voting for Semester Showings will be on Thursday, September 12.

Fresh Friday Anime and Games

Like last semester, we want our Fresh Fridays to be a place where you can chill and unwind for the weekend. Thus, the showing format for Fridays will still be up for grabs, but we do want to make it a point to show more anime on Fridays. Friday showings can vary from anything between Semester Showings, Show-Of-The-Week, or even Random Pick.

Fridays will also be our Game Days. I will be bringing multi-outlets, as well as the speaker and projector to each meeting for those who want to plug in computers and consoles. On days that we are in the iLab, those with membership to the Manoa Academy of Gamers (MAG) will be able to use the iLab computers.


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