Friday Summer Socials!

Friday Summer Socials!

Hey everyone! We hope you’re enjoying summer, and had a good Spring semester. We will also have meetings every week during the Summer semesters, every Friday in Kuykendall 210 from 4:30pm-7:00pm. We also usually go to grab food after (-8:30p/9:00p).

What do we do?

Since we’re an anime club, we usually watch anime every week: either shows that we select, random showings, or both. Depending on how many people are there, we may also do other stuff.

Can I game?/I’m a part of MAG (the Manoa Academy of Gaming) or a different club/I just want to hang out with friends, can I join in?

Absolutely! Feel free to join us as well. If you want to play card/board games, go ahead! If you want to game, you can do that too– in fact, if you want to plug in your setups, we can bring multi-outlets to accommodate you in the Kuykendall rooms. We can even bring a projector and stereo speaker to supplement anything you bring.

If you want to do a LAN party, marathon a certain show, or anything else, definitely join our Discord so you can chat with others and ask about it: