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If you haven’t already, be sure to submit your nominations for the showings that you want to watch this semester, as well as the Show-Of-The-Week you want to watch on Thursday, September 12! The deadline is TODAY at Midnight! (Thursday at 12:00AM)

Click here to nominate the shows you want to watch this semester!

Click here to pick the show(s)-of-the-week!

Also, we’ll be in the UH iLab at 3:00pm this Friday, September 13th, along with other UH clubs. Come and join us there!

Hey all! We hope you had a relaxing Spring Break. We will be back this week with the second and third OVAs of Girls and Panzer, 14-15 of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and 9-10 of Death March.

Also, FYI:

  • We’re holding our Officer Nomination Poll to pick AMS officers for Fall 2018 – Spring 2019! If you feel that you or someone else you know in club would be an exceptional officer, you can fill out the nomination form here! Officers who help to run the Anime Manga Society will get free paid membership perks during the time they serve.
  • Our End of the Year Potluck Party is set for Friday, April 27th! You can view the event page here to RSVP.
  • If you attended our Girl’s Day/Hinamatsuri Party on March 16th and have any comments or suggestions, write something in our feedback form to tell us what you think.

This Thursday (9/21), we will be watching our scheduled showings, however…

on Friday (9/22) we will have our Fall 2017 New Member Welcome Party! This will be in Kuykendall Room 209, from 4:30p-10:00p— join us for food, movies, games, and fun! (Remember that it’s potluck style: bring some food if you can.) We will be watching:

Chihayafuru (Live Action)
Kubo and the Two Strings
Howl’s Moving Castle

Friday Showings will resume next week back in our normal rooms.

You can check out the Facebook Event Page here.