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KawaiiKon is this week, so we will not have any Thursday or Friday meetings. We’ll be right back next week! Enjoy the convention.

If you ordered a pass through our club, you should have received an email with details about pass pickup. If you have ordered one and this is not the case, please let us know.

We will also be showcasing our Artists@AMS Table at the convention as well! Come and check out our booth at table 253 in the Artist’s Alley! Our following artists will be displaying their works:

ChangeInHeartHarry Potter, Sonic the
CyberMy Hero Academia, Steven
Universe, Overwatch, Delta
Rune, Pokémon, Animal
Crossing, Super Smash Bros
/ Metroid, Memes
HaruHypnosis Mic, Promised
ReiPromised Neverland, Dororo,
Pokemon, Vocaloid, Nier:
Automata, Cookie Run,
MDZS, HNK, etc.
The Silent SeagoatMy Hero Academia, Animal
Crossing, Kingdom Hearts,
Pokemon, Kawaii Animals

Hello everyone, we hope you had fun at KawaiiKon 2018!

I would like to give a big thank you to all of the artists and volunteers that helped to put together our artist alley booth this year. It looked amazing!

This is the first time that we’ve gone for an “open” booth format for artists in our club. We’re thinking about making Artists@AMS a yearly opportunity at KawaiiKon Artist Alleys– if you missed out this year don’t worry, we’ll definitely do this again in 2019, and maybe even at other events too!

Of course, our weekly showing meetings will resume this Thursday and Friday.

Barryn Chun
Club President

Check out our Artists@AMSHawai`i Booth at KawaiiKon 2018!

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If you’re coming to KawaiiKon 2018, we’ll have our Artists@AMS booth in the Artists Alley! This year, we showcase the art of Justine Lam (@theidlewaifu), Beverly Quock (@thesilentseagoat), Nalu McFadden-Rios (@808Cyber), and Ashley Mattick. Feel free to stop by Table D6 to check out our talented artists!

FYI all: we are collecting KawaiiKon 2018 3-day pass reservations from those who are interested, as a perk of AMS paid membership. This year, passes will be $50 each if you register with us– if you are a paid member and would like to take advantage of this offer, please see us in club by next week Friday, February 9th with your pass payment to get on the list. (If you will also be paying membership, please take that into account as well.)

Click here to reserve a KawaiiKon 3-Day Pass

Also, artist members, if you are planning on showcasing your art at our KawaiiKon booth, please run all of the artwork you’re planning to present (or at least concepts of what you have) by us by Feb 24/25th, the weekend before. Essentially, whatever you bring should follow KawaiiKon’s artist alley General Rules.

If you are a member and would like to display your artwork at our booth, fill out this form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at for more information.