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We have some EVENTS this Friday (tomorrow)

3:00PM HST – we’re going to be a part of the Extra Curricular Community intro, held by the Manoa Academy of Gaming!

Be sure to join their Discord at and tune in at 3:00pm!

There, you’ll be able to learn about other student leisure/specialty clubs such as Osu!, Magic The Gathering, Game Dev, and MAG themselves. We also recommend joining MAG’s Discord if you are interested in gaming in general– casual, competitive, or anything in between. If you’d like, you can add @ AMSManoa to your discord nickname on the MAG server if you want to represent us!

5:30PM HST – Because of the ECC meetup, our anime showing for tomorrow will be at 5:30pm. If there’s something you want to watch, go ahead and vote on it in the poll by midnight!

It’s midway through the semester, and time for our next AMS event: Girls’ Day 2020! To celebrate the lovely ladies in Anime and Manga Society & Manoa Academy of Gamers, we let the girls choose what we will be doing for the party! It may be (belated) Girls’ Day, but all genders are welcome to a fun afternoon of food, karaoke, anime, and more! 

Since this IS a potluck, please bring a dish to share! The theme for the food is a Local & Asian-style menu, as voted on by the girls, so please try to bring dishes that fit into those categories. (and if you’re not sure what to bring, reach out to an AMS officer! We can tell you what we still need)

Join us on Friday, March 6th, from 3:30 to 7 pm 9pm!. We will be at UH Manoa in the iLab (across the street from Kuykendall, next to the Art Building!)

(This event will exist side-by-side to the Friday Game Day, so you can participate in both if you want!)

🌸 Activities 🌸

  • Movie Showing
    • We’ll be doing a movie showing that was voted on by the girls in AMS!
  • Karaoke (Open Mic)
  • Instant Camera Photobooth
    • We will have a set up with a backdrop and props for you to take selfies! Instax photos using an instant camera will also be available on a first come, first serve basis (limit 1 instant photo per person, to the first 20 people)
  • Anime Artist Showdown
    • Think you’ve got what it takes? We’re having an art battle! Contestants will have 1-2 minutes to go head-to-head and draw the female club members’ favorite anime characters from memory. Our audience will decide who gets the point based on who’s closest to canon!
    • Our top artist and runner up will each win a small prize!

🌸 Food 🌸

This event will be a themed potluck, so please try to bring the following:

  • Entrees
    • Local style food (Zippy’s, musubi, malasadas, etc.)
    • Asian food (sushi, noodles, fried rice, etc.)
  • Drinks
    • Cold drinks (juice, soda, etc.)
    • Japanese drinks (tea, Calpico*, etc.)
      • We will also have supplies to mix your own Calpico Mocktail!
  • Snacks/Desserts
    • Mochi
    • Asian/Asian-style snacks (pocky, candies, chips, etc.)
    • Fresh fruit

This Friday, we will be having a Valentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day Potluck/Game Day with the Manoa Academy of Gamers from 3:30p to 7:00p! It will be a small potluck so you can bring snacks, food, and other things to trade and eat.

Games at the event may vary, but we are planning for a play session of Monster Prom and Hatoful Boyfriend (if someone has a copy). Alternatively, we could watch romance-themed showings and/or karaoke session if there is enough of a demand.

We hope to see you there!

This semester, we will be watching two episodes of Fate/Grand Order, Bungou Stray Dogs, and Psycho-Pass, and one episode of a weekly showing pick!

Click here to pick the show-of-the-week!

Though this is a very packed showing day, we should be able to fit all of the showings since our Thursday meetings have been extended to 7:30p.

Showings begin this Thursday, February 13!

Final vote counts:
(Bungou Stray Dogs and Psycho-Pass won the 2nd place 3-way tie vote)

Fate/ Grand Order10
Bungou Stray Dogs6/10
Quintessential Quintuplets / Gotoubun no Hanayoume6/2
White Box / Shirobako4
Dr. Stone3
Fire Force3
Hunter x Hunter3
Demon Slayer / Kimetsu no Yaiba3
The Devil is a Part Timer2
Little Witch Academia2
Vinland Saga2
Fate/Stay Night1
Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!1
Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun1
Ascendance of a Bookworm0
Fruit’s Basket (2019)0

(Wanted to see something, but it didn’t make the list? You can request it be shown on any of our Friday Open Days, or vote for it next semester!)

SLD Fair Today!
Come check us out at our table at the SLD Student Involvement Fair, from 10:00a-2:00p! If you sign in, you can cast one extra vote there for tomorrow’s movie night!

Welcome Back Movie Night
For movie night, we will be voting from the top eight movies that made the nomination poll. They are:

My Neighbor Totoro
Spirited Away
Summer Wars
Your Name.
A Silent Voice
5 CM Per Second
Liz and the Bluebird
Mirai of the Future

Follow the link below to vote for a movie, then join us tomorrow in Kuykendall 209! (4:30p – 8:00p)

Game Days
We’ll be right back in the iLab this week!

As always, be sure to check our calendar to find up-to-date information about our meetings and events!

Today, we will not be in the iLab– instead, we will be in Kuykendall 209, from 3:30p to 7:00p. Although we won’t have the fancy gaming PCs of the iLab, we still run Kuykendall game days the same as we always do: I will be bringing multi-outlets, as well as the gaming PC and the projector. Those who go to MAG’s game days in the iLab are welcome to join in! As always, if people are interested, we go out and grab food after the meeting.

If you are interested in participating in (or even just taking a look at) the Global Game Jam in the iLab, they will be running today’s meeting from 4pm to 9pm today, and through the weekend. It is a hackathon for video game design, for both programmers and artists.


FYI, NEXT Thursday Feb 6th, 4:30-8 pm will be our Welcome Back Movie Night! It’s the day after the Student Involvement Fair, so we’re hoping to welcome new members as well as welcome back everyone from last semester!

What are we watching? That’s for YOU GUYS to decide! Nominations are closed: voting from the top suggestions is NOW OPEN until the 5th of February at 10:00pm!

Click the link below to vote for a movie!

It’s also a sort-of-potluck, so bring candy, snacks, or finger food to share: We’ll handle the popcorn.

(psst, want an extra vote? If you show up to our club table at the student involvement fair on Feb 5th and you’re on the mailing list, you get an extra vote!)

This week and the next we’ll have a bunch of events! Here’s a summary of what we’ve got:

(As always, for the most recent and up-to-date information, be sure to check out our calendar.)


  • Thursday (1/30) 4:30-7:00 KUY 210 we will be voting for semester showings. If there’s something you want to watch, make sure you nominate it in this poll!
    (Poll closes Wednesday 1/29 at 10:00pm)
  • Friday (1/31) we will not be in the iLab, since the Global Game Jam will be happening there Friday through the weekend. However, we WILL still have our usual game day in Kuykendall 209, right across the street. People who attend the game days hosted by the Manoa Academy of Gaming (MAG) are welcome to join us!


  • Wednesday (2/5) 10:00-2:00 Campus Center we will have a booth at the RIO Student Involvement Fair! Come to table 8 and find out what our club is about, and see what works our artists are creating! Those who visit our booth will be able to cast a vote for our movie day in addition to the votes on the poll.
  • Thursday (2/6) 4:30-8:00 KUY 209 will be our movie day. It’s also a sort-of-potluck, so bring candy, snacks, or finger food to share! We’ll handle the popcorn. Vote for the movie you want to watch in the poll below!
  • Friday (2/7) 3:30-7:00 iLab will be our weekly open game day in the iLab, hosted by MAG.

Our weekly showing meetings are set: we’ll see you every Thursday from 4:30p to 7:00p in Kuykendall 210!

Week 1: January 23, 2020 (This week!)
Come and join us in Kuykendall 210 for our first meeting! Today, we’ll introduce our club, tell you what we’re planning to do this semester, and watch the first episodes of the top picks on our semester show nomination poll. Be sure to nominate shows that you’d like to watch here:

Week 2: January 30, 2020
Today, we’ll vote for the top nominations from the semester show nomination poll. We’ll follow the top two shows that make the cut for the rest of the semester!

We’ll also watch our first show-of-the-week picks today! Be sure to nominate something for show-of-the-week here:

And as always, come and check out our Open Game/Showing Meetings every Friday from 3:30p to 7:00p in the UH Manoa iLab! If you are interested in watching anime on Fridays we definitely can– Fridays are open days so it’s just a matter of someone throwing something onto one of the TVs, regardless of if it’s shown on Thursday or not.

We hope to see you there!

Hi all, welcome back to the Spring 2020 semester, and a new decade! We’ll be having a few events this week– here’s an outline of what we’ve got:

This Thursday, we will be having an officer’s meeting which will be open forum (meaning anyone can attend!) 4:00p-7:00p in Campus Center 203E.

Click here to view the notes for the officer meeting.
You can also comment if you have any questions or ideas for us!

The Manoa Academy of Gaming has reservations every Friday from 3:30p-7:00p in the iLab, starting this week! As long as that holds, we will have our open game days there.

We are going to have Thursday anime showings every week as well, but our room reservation is still going through. For now, use this nomination form to let us know what you’d like to watch! Stay tuned for more info on Thursday meetings.

Click here for a calendar view of all of our meetings and events!