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The following are the notes recorded for the AMS Manoa Officer’s Meeting held at the start of Fall 2020 semester. Separate posts will be made soon with general information on membership and meetings for Fall 2020.

Summarized Notes:

Anime and Manga Society of Hawai’i @ UH Manoa – Meeting Agenda

August 15, 2020 – 9 pm to midnight (via Discord)

Officers Attended: Barryn, Didi, Tyler, Sage, and Niki

Other Members Attended: Terry and Gavin


  • RIO Status
    • Paperwork needed? Any updates?
    • We need to check with SLD (Student Life and Development). 6 signatures needed (6 UH Manoa ID numbers) for the paperwork (based on past years), Primary Contact on the form needs to be a representative/officer.
  • Changes in Officership
    • Changes in officer positions
      • Barryn might graduate 🙁 / 🙂
    • Planned Fall 2020 officers:
      • President: ?
      • VP: Tyler
      • Show Master: shared responsibility for all officers
      • Communications: ?
      • Secretary/Finances: ?
      • Web Manager: ?
      • Head Artist/Graphic Designer: Reii
      • Other officers will help with roles as needed (Didi, Sage, Niki)
    • Open for nominations
  • Update Constitution (future task) 
    • last updated in 2013
    • Set rough deadline for update (constitution and officer roles) hopefully by the end of the semester (all depending on how SLD is doing registration)
  • Membership for 2020-2021 school year
    • Logistics (payment, benefits, etc)
      • Payment for Spring 2020 applies to discount and space at artists’ booth for next KKon (whenever next one is)
      • Benefits for Fall 2020: 
      • Possible Benefits: *just during COVID* 
        • need to ask if we can sign up as a club for each
          • Need to draft and send emails (attach non profit paperwork to prove business license?)
          • Do cost analysis (crunchyroll + 1 streaming + 1 comics)
        • Additional streaming: Funimation ($99.99 per year) (free gift), VRV ($9.99 per month), Netflix ($14.99 per month), HiDive ($4.99 per month), Hulu ($5.99 per month)
        • Additional comics: Shonen Jump Membership ($2 per month) (100 chapter per day quota), Comixology ($5.99 per month), Dark Horse, DC
        • Club members are encouraged to recommend other services they are interested in and we will reach out 
      • Payment Methods:
        • UH email confirmation required
        • Link to membership dues in introductory email
        • Square ($20 per year, $15 per semester)
    • Club Finances
      • Crunchyroll Account
        • Yearly subscription: $59.95 (current)
      • Kawaii Kon Artist Alley table
        • $225.00 Standard space
        • $$$ Electricity (power pending separate contract)

Meetings and Events

  • Online Showings Format
    • Which formats, who will host, other logistics
      • Friday evenings 4:30-7:30 or later, binge 5+ episodes of different show each week, 5 min breaks in between and time to talk after
    • When/how for showing polls/announcements
      • Add suggestions any time, Poll open Friday night to Sunday night, Announce show on Monday, Stream on Friday, repeat each week
  • Other Meeting Types
    • Interest in game nights: who will host and how frequently?
      • Jackbox needs Tyler, Barryn, or Bev (up to them how frequently)
      • Club steam account? Club gaming account? Would members be interested?
      • Once every two months (2-3 times a semester)
    • Interest in casual hangouts: who will host and how frequently?
      • Anyone can host voice chat or google hangout, ask officers to announce to club ahead of time via discord
    • Creative Days/Virtual Artists’ Alley
      • Up to artists
    • Manga Book Club
      • Casual hang out, but with theme, spoilers, etc.
      • Once a month-ish, next month’s theme announced at end of each meeting
    • Other ideas for weekly/monthly meetings? Suggestions?
  • Special Events
    • Future in person meet up? Guidelines to decide if/when?
      • Probably not in Fall, maybe Spring??? December at earliest, MUST follow all safety guidelines
    • Other special event ideas (Halloween, etc)
      • Welcome back party: movie night/watch trailers for anime and game night (separate channels)
      • Halloween: movie night (2 movies)
      • Christmas: gift exchange? Or movie night (2 movies)

Advertising and Recruitment

  • Website Update
    • Updates/additions/other changes needed
      • Links to artists’ shops/portfolios (etsy, redbubble, etc)
    • Time needed? Jobs needed? etc
  • Social Media
    • Increasing Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, etc. connectivity
      • Contests (art, cosplay, captions, memes, etc)
        • Pick up prizes to RIO mailroom? Or if they are willing to give out address for shipping
      • Initial entries on group discord, amsmanoa accounts repost on twitter, instagram, facebook, with #s for ams, artists, and contest
        • DTIYS (draw this in your style, 2 options, of AMS Mascots)
        • Decide with a vote (google form sent out w/ pictures)
        • Announce contest August 28th (discord, instagram, twitter, facebook)
        • Create visuals (thank you Niki!)
    • Interest in social media contests/engagement
  • Other Ideas?
  • First club meeting 
    • Sept 4 friday (welcome back meeting) at 4:30 pm
      • Remind members about contest
      • Show powerpoint with intro and info
      • Show movie and trailers for suggested series in one stream
      • (possibly) have a game night going on in the other stream?
      • Post link for poll to vote for next meeting’s showings

This Friday, we will be having a Valentine’s/Single’s Awareness Day Potluck/Game Day with the Manoa Academy of Gamers from 3:30p to 7:00p! It will be a small potluck so you can bring snacks, food, and other things to trade and eat.

Games at the event may vary, but we are planning for a play session of Monster Prom and Hatoful Boyfriend (if someone has a copy). Alternatively, we could watch romance-themed showings and/or karaoke session if there is enough of a demand.

We hope to see you there!

SLD Fair Today!
Come check us out at our table at the SLD Student Involvement Fair, from 10:00a-2:00p! If you sign in, you can cast one extra vote there for tomorrow’s movie night!

Welcome Back Movie Night
For movie night, we will be voting from the top eight movies that made the nomination poll. They are:

My Neighbor Totoro
Spirited Away
Summer Wars
Your Name.
A Silent Voice
5 CM Per Second
Liz and the Bluebird
Mirai of the Future

Follow the link below to vote for a movie, then join us tomorrow in Kuykendall 209! (4:30p – 8:00p)

Game Days
We’ll be right back in the iLab this week!

As always, be sure to check our calendar to find up-to-date information about our meetings and events!

Today, we will not be in the iLab– instead, we will be in Kuykendall 209, from 3:30p to 7:00p. Although we won’t have the fancy gaming PCs of the iLab, we still run Kuykendall game days the same as we always do: I will be bringing multi-outlets, as well as the gaming PC and the projector. Those who go to MAG’s game days in the iLab are welcome to join in! As always, if people are interested, we go out and grab food after the meeting.

If you are interested in participating in (or even just taking a look at) the Global Game Jam in the iLab, they will be running today’s meeting from 4pm to 9pm today, and through the weekend. It is a hackathon for video game design, for both programmers and artists.


This week and the next we’ll have a bunch of events! Here’s a summary of what we’ve got:

(As always, for the most recent and up-to-date information, be sure to check out our calendar.)


  • Thursday (1/30) 4:30-7:00 KUY 210 we will be voting for semester showings. If there’s something you want to watch, make sure you nominate it in this poll!
    (Poll closes Wednesday 1/29 at 10:00pm)
  • Friday (1/31) we will not be in the iLab, since the Global Game Jam will be happening there Friday through the weekend. However, we WILL still have our usual game day in Kuykendall 209, right across the street. People who attend the game days hosted by the Manoa Academy of Gaming (MAG) are welcome to join us!


  • Wednesday (2/5) 10:00-2:00 Campus Center we will have a booth at the RIO Student Involvement Fair! Come to table 8 and find out what our club is about, and see what works our artists are creating! Those who visit our booth will be able to cast a vote for our movie day in addition to the votes on the poll.
  • Thursday (2/6) 4:30-8:00 KUY 209 will be our movie day. It’s also a sort-of-potluck, so bring candy, snacks, or finger food to share! We’ll handle the popcorn. Vote for the movie you want to watch in the poll below!
  • Friday (2/7) 3:30-7:00 iLab will be our weekly open game day in the iLab, hosted by MAG.

Hi all, welcome back to the Spring 2020 semester, and a new decade! We’ll be having a few events this week– here’s an outline of what we’ve got:

This Thursday, we will be having an officer’s meeting which will be open forum (meaning anyone can attend!) 4:00p-7:00p in Campus Center 203E.

Click here to view the notes for the officer meeting.
You can also comment if you have any questions or ideas for us!

The Manoa Academy of Gaming has reservations every Friday from 3:30p-7:00p in the iLab, starting this week! As long as that holds, we will have our open game days there.

We are going to have Thursday anime showings every week as well, but our room reservation is still going through. For now, use this nomination form to let us know what you’d like to watch! Stay tuned for more info on Thursday meetings.

Click here for a calendar view of all of our meetings and events!


Thursday Voting

We will be voting for 2-3 semester shows this week. The top 20 acceptable showings in the nomination poll will make it to the final voting session this coming Thursday (Sept 12), and the winning shows will be aired weekly every Thursday.

Click here to nominate the shows you want to watch this semester!

We will also be watching the top two shows-of-the-week that were nominated on Thursday Sept. 5. Depending on what you pick, we will watch either 4 episodes of one show or 2 episodes of two shows.

Click here to pick the show(s)-of-the-week!

Friday in the iLab

This Friday will also be our first meeting in the UH Manoa iLab, beginning at 3:00PM! These will be called Extra Curricular Community (ECC) Meetups where we will be able to use the space along with other organizations such as the Manoa Academy of Gamers (MAG) and the Osu! Club at UH Manoa. Come on over and meet our clubs!

Since the iLab will not have open hours this semester, we are working with the iLab to make the ECC a weekly occurrence. Like previous Fridays, we plan to hold the same Fresh Friday activities at ECC Meetups.

The end of the year is upon us! As such, we’ll have something fun for our last Friday meeting tomorrow: feel free to join in on a casual potluck and singing session with Vocaluxe/Ultrastar in Kuykendall 209! For those of you going to Avengers: Endgame during the day, we’ll start our thing a bit later in the evening, and go from 5:00p – 10:00p.

Check out the list below for a full catalog of the songs we’ve got:

We can also take Twitch Sings for a test run as well.

Bring some food, and enjoy the music!

We have our post Valentine’s Day party this Friday from 4:30 to 10:00pm on the second floor of Kuykendall!

As it is a potluck, please bring food or drinks to KUY 208 to share so everyone’s stomachs will be satisfied. Please also bring food that is substantial so we won’t live off saturated fats and chips, thank you (^^). Or, you can help contribute to the chicken nuggies campaign (PM @elder eli on Discord for more information).

We will also have games and karaoke in the other rooms, so come game and sing your hearts out! Come have fun with us, we’ll see you there!