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Rev. November 26, 2010





Section 1: The Anime Manga Society at the University of Hawaii at Manoa




Section 1: We as a group of young Individuals hope to encourage interest, educate others, and share our knowledge of a Japanese sub-culture know as Anime (Japanese Animation), and Manga (Japanese Comic Books). We hope to inform people in both a Cultural and Social aspect in our society.

Section 2: The Anime Manga Society at the University of Hawaii at Manoa is willing to abide by the University of Hawaii at Manoa policies and guidelines.




Section 1: Anyone who has an interest in Anime, Manga, or related interest in either one (i.e. Cosplay, Gaming, Drawing, etc…) is welcome to join. We are an equal opportunity/ affirmative action group. There will be no discrimination against those of a different race, color, creed, sex, religion, handicap condition, or sexual orientation.

Section 2: To become a member of the Anime Manga Society at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, one must fill out and turn in a membership application form that we have at all of our meetings, and pay membership dues. For inquiries on when our meetings are held you can email us at:, visit our website:, or search for us on facebook: Anime UH Manoa.

Section 3: There are three (3) types of membership in the Anime Manga Society.

The first type is “Guest” membership. A “Guest” member has no membership dues, but they are able to attend all meetings, showings, and AMS events. No membership application necessary.

The second type is Semester membership. A Semester member has a $7 membership fee, and they in addition to being able to attend all of AMS activities, they are also eligible to vote for what we anime shows that we review for the semester, what type and when to hold all of our inter-club events, and who will fill our club officer positions. In addition after our New Member Welcome Party event; new members can apply for Senior Officer Positions. (Further on club officers see “ARTICLE V: Officer Positions”). Membership application is required.

The third type of membership is Yearly membership. A Yearly membership has a $10 membership fee, and they have all the same rights and privileges as Semester membership holders, except that it is at a discounted fee. (Further on club officers see “ARTICLE V: Officer Positions”). Membership application is required.

Section 4: Any current member of the Anime Manga Society at UH Manoa can have their membership terminated as punishment for blatant disregard of UH Manoa rules and guidelines, Club rules and guidelines, or continued harassment to other club members personal rights. Expelled Members will forfeit their club paid dues; privileges associated to the club membership, and are banned from re- entering the club for no less than one (1) school semester from date of termination. A Termination can only be over turned by a majority vote of all club officers.




Section 1: United States government federal rules and regulations apply

Section 2: State of Hawaii rules and regulations apply

Section 3: University of Hawaii at Manoa campus rules and regulations apply as a representative of the University of Hawaii at Manoa

Section 4: Anime Manga Society Rules and Regulations are as follows:

  1. Be Respectful towards your fellow club members. Any unwanted action or type of harassment you send towards your fellow members will be dealt with swiftly, and harshly.
  2. Membership dues must be paid within 30 days after submitting your membership application for joining the Anime Manga Society. If payment is not made your application will be revoked and you must submit a new one.

Section 5: Punishment

  1. If a member of the Anime Manga Society breaks any of the rules set forth by the above listed establishments, the punishment that they will receive will be compared and equaled to the offense they have committed.
  2. If a club member continues to disregard the rules and continues to receive punishment; that member will have his membership terminated for a duration that would be equal to the amount and type of offenses committed, but no less than one (1) school semester.




Section 1: Senior Officer Positions: There can be no less than 4 different Senior Officer Positions in the AMS. These positions are: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Other Senior Officer Positions can be added on as the club grows in size to disperse the four (4) Top Senior Officers responsibilities. These positions include: Librarian, Communications, Diplomat, RIO Representative, Security, Logistics, and OJ Editor. To become a Senior Officer you must be a member in good standing with the club no less than one (1) semester. Special exceptions exist for those who have not completed one (1) semester in the club (i.e. vacant top 4 slots, vacant Senior Officer Position above Junior Officer Position)

Section 2: Junior Officer Positions: The Junior Officer Positions are assistant positions to Senior Officer Positions. These positions are open to any member wanting to try and become an officer in the AMS. Junior Officer Positions are V.P. Assistant, Treasurer Assistant, Secretary Assistant, Librarian Assistant, Communications Assistant, RIO Assistant, Security Assistant, and Logistics Assistant. Junior Officers maybe promoted to a directly open Senior Officer Position above them after completing and participating in the New Member Welcome Party.

Section 3: Duties & Responsibilities: The duties and responsibilities are:

As President – In charge of running and maintaining the club, communication between UH Faculty & Staff, and various other organizations.

As a Vice President – In charge of planning, running, and coordinating events for the club, taking over Presidential duties while the President is unavailable, and any other duties by vacant officer positions

As a Treasurer – In charge of club finances; collecting dues, maintaining financial records, to release funding for events, and recording expenditures on club events.

As a Secretary – In charge of recording club meeting minutes, maintaining record of club events, and handling correspondence between club officers.

As a Librarian – In charge of keeping and maintaining the clubs vast collection of anime and manga.

As a Communications – In charge of relaying event and club information to club members, and continued communication with other organizations.

As a Diplomat – In charge of communication & participation with other clubs on campus

As a RIO Representative – to work with SLD, Campus Center, and Facilities Management to reserve rooms for meetings and events.

As a Security – In charge of providing a safe and secure environment during AMS events & outings.

As a Logistics – In charge of keeping and maintaining AMS equipment for all of AMS events.

As OJ Editor – In charge of AMS publications

Junior Officer Positions under Senior Officer Positions are assistants and handle the Senior Officer Responsibilities when Senior Officer is unavailable.

Section 4: Length of Term: a term for an AMS Officer is one (1) semester pending elections if positions are contested.

Section 5: Removal: any conduct unbecoming a representative of AMS while doing AMS Business is subject for removal of position.

Section 6: Vacancies: open officer positions are available as a Junior Officer Position to start with, a continued member or by special circumstances.




Section 1: Elections: Voting for club officers are held after the New Member Welcome Party for the following semester. This is done so both new and old members can get to know each other better and to find a place in the club to help with their talents.

Section 2: Eligibility: To be eligible to become an officer in AMS; you must be either a semester or yearly member, you can request a Junior Officer Position and move into a Vacant Senior Officer Position after New Member Welcome Party, be in good standing after one (1) semester in the club, or due to special circumstances.




Section 1: Meetings for the next semester are chosen by available club members during the winter and summer break from school. Days & times are decided by majority of members staying behind during the school break with consideration for members not present for the decision process.

Section 2: At least two (2) Senior Officers are present for all AMS meetings and AMS hosted events. Current club meeting memorandum slides are sent to all Senior Officers for review, additions, corrections, and club record.

Section 3: Order of Business:

1)      Opening Business: New/ upcoming events, plans for next month, communication announcements between clubs, and any changes to current month plans.

2)      Continued planning and executing of current events

3)      Review of old, current, and new developments in Japanese anime pop culture

4)      Adjournment




Section 1: Dues: Club Dues are collected by the Treasurer and/or Treasurer Assistant. Club dues are to be paid by 30 days after submitting a club membership application. Amount for dues are $7 per semester, or $10 per year.

Section 2: Fundraising: fundraising for supplementing the club budget will be done at the discretion of the President, Treasurer, and Treasurer Assistant in the event the club budget reaches a point that it cannot support regular club business.

Section 3: Budget: Club dues supplement the club budget that helps in the procurement of expanding the club library, pay for cost of room rentals on campus, and for AMS related events.

Section 4: Reimbursements: Club budget only reimburses members procuring items for AMS Sanctioned events with the receipts for the procured items only.

Section 5: Audits: Audits of club finances are done by the Treasurer, Treasurer Assistant, and club President to keep club financial records updated.




Section 1: Proposals: Officers can submit amendment proposals to the AMS constitution when a policy has become outdated of when the current situation does not apply to the current constitution.

Section 2: Voting: Voting for amendments to the AMS constitution will be held at a time when all AMS Officers are present. An amendment needs 2/3 vote in favor to pass and be added to the constitution.

Section 3: Amending: When the AMS constitution is amended it will be reviewed and submitted to Student Life and Development the following semester with the renewal of the AMS Registered Independent Organization form.